Il ristorante

Eating between perfumes of spices and aromas, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees as far as the eye can see and with a breathless panorama that spaces from the countries to the Apuan Alps until the sea? It is not a dream, it is all true. You can live at the restaurant Vipore every day and night this magical atmosphere, simple but of great suggestion.

The historical restaurant, in fact, is at Pieve S. Stefano, among the most attractive hills of Lucchesia where it is produced excellent wine and oil of quality. Vipore itself benefits from this favorable climate in its splendid garden of the aromas, a really special garden, that winds before the large veranda of the restaurant. During the summer, but also in the mild days of autumn and winter, intoxicating perfumers follow one another.

Beyond the fragrant and more common officinal plants, there are rare specimens like coriander, melissa, santolina, nasturtium, chervil and much more. Of the most domestic species there are real hedges, even groves. Hence every day the chef gets for culinary his preparations, all dishes inspired to the typical and simple kitchen, like that of a time: insalatina di farro (salad of spelt), uova e carne secca del Pontormo (eggs and dry meat ), crostini (croutons), tortelli (pasta), pappa al pomodoro (main dish), tagliata di manzo alle erbette (cut of steer), pollo alla brace (chicken to the charcoal), patatine agli aromi (potato with the aromas) and torte coi becchi (cakes ), alone to cite some.

Besides going around Vipore is a fantastic experience. Some hundred meters from the restaurant, in fact, there it is the attractive Pieve of S. Stefano. Immersed between the olive trees, essential in the Romanesque architecture with the arcade and the belltower, the church appears majestic in its simplicity. And, for those who wants to go for a stroll or by car, there is the road that, exceeded the restaurant, goes up, towards the manor of Forci. After a stroke between white and perfumed acacia, the road opens on the infinite, running like on a ridge: from a part the olive trees, from the other one the panorama towards the plain and, beyond the plain, the other hills, Lucca, the sea, the Apuan Alps. Same sceneries are along the road that from S. Alessio climbs to the restaurant. Forests of oaks and pines, olive trees and vineyards spaced here and there from old farmhouses where appear hens and haylofts. In this arcadian landscape villas hide themselves now transformed in comfortable houses for vacations.

Like the Podere di Rosa, where the glamour of the most modern comfort does not erase the warmth of the peasant world; or like Tenuta Maria Teresa, born in the nineteenth century as residence of Maria Teresa of Bourbon, the duchess of Lucca; or still like the Factory S. Martino, a splendid eighteenth-century villa furnished with furniture of the period where hosts can buy oil, wine, honey and other products of the annexed farm, creams, shampoo and perfumes created from the same proprietors.